[PREVIEW + LIST’N UP] Seven Lucky Reasons to Throw it Back with us this Thursday

by E.P Pirt, Jr.

If you didn’t already know, we’ve got a special throwback Ignition Thursdays event lined up for you tomorrow night in the lounge at The Black Box. And we’re not tossing that whole #ThrowbackThursdays thing around lightly here, fokes. In a nutshell, the name of the event says it all: Homage. So what is homage? Let’s ask Google…




Look, we love our Colorado scene as much as anyone. Obviously, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. We have the richest, most eclectic, supportive, and intelligent scene in the country. It never gets old. But how often do you get to take a journey through the spacetime of house music?! Dance music trends these days come and go faster than our current White House administration, so it’ll be refreshing to focus on the sounds of yesteryear.

2. The talent is no joke

There’s really no need to discuss this more than we already have. But suffice it to say, we took the lineup very seriously and so should you.

3. Free Snarf’s

Why are you even reading this part? You should have just moved along to #4. Free Snarf’s says it all. Shout out to the Cap Hill Snarf’s Sandwiches location for feeding everyone for free with their deliciousness. No guarantees on how long they will last, so we suggest getting to the show early. Side note – try their new sandwich called “The Farmer”. Holy moly.

4. It’s at The Black Box

You’ve probably already been to The Black Box, hopefully more than once. While it’s primarily a space for underground bass music, it’s inclusive to both music and people. Everyone is welcomed and treated with respect. The venue stays loyal to their sister brand Sub.mission‘s motto; “Moving People Through Sound, Not Hype“. The quality of music is always on point, the staff and management are the best and nicest in the biz, and the sound system is sick. What else do you need?

5. “Costumes” are encouraged

I know it’s on a Thursday and putting the thought and time into dressing up may sound stressful, but those who do want to get silly are encouraged to do so. The “costume” theme is 90s. That’s pretty much the only guide. That may mean rocking your favorite parachute pants & rave gear, dressing up like your favorite 90s DJ or any celebrity from the time, or just rocking a turtleneck & a pair of Airwalks.

6. You could win FREE TICKETS!

Just show up tomorrow night and you could win a pair of tickets to a couple more upcoming shows at The Black Box: Shiftee & Jon1st on Friday, Feb. 1 and KRANE & MYRNE on Thursday, Feb. 9.

7. It’s FREE!

While we would certainly pay to see a show like this, we understand that you probably already spend a fortune on the insane amount of quality shows in the area. All of those shows would be impossible without your support, so consider this our way of saying thank you for helping mold this great scene of ours.

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