HDYFest 2016: Floss Lit Up Red Rocks on 4/20

If you have any knowledge of Colorado in April you know that the 20th day of the month carries a very special meaning and brings with it a holiday for those 21+. In order to celebrate this day to the fullest, artists with a connection to a certain herb flock to CO and bring with them some of the biggest concerts the state sees all year. This past 4/20 was no different as Flosstradamus brought their HDYFest (held previously in TX) to the Mile High City, specifically Red Rocks Amphitheater. Along with them came fellow Coloradan Chill Harris (formerly Kill Paris), #Vomitstep creator Snails, and Valention Khan with his majestic beard. This crew teamed up to put together one of the most diverse and well produced shows Red Rocks has seen in a long time.

OScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 8.11.11 PMpening the night up was the funky tunes of Chill Harris, the producer/DJ who loves to break out his keytar and jam any chance he
gets. He threw together a set filled with slowed down jams as well as some popular main stream tracks that got the crowd to start groovin and was a perfect start to the night. Unfortunately due to longer than expected lines I missed most of his set, but what I saw of it was absolute perfection.

Next to take the stage, and the first to curse out American Airlines, was Valentino Khan who in the past year has risen to the top of the electronic world with his fast paced and hard hitting signature sound. Opening up with his recent colab with the headliners themselves he started his set of strong throwing down “MFU”. 13063127_1161247087241939_3873642719199840380_oThis was only the beginning as absolute bangers flowed through his whole show including some filthy unreleased dubstep from Eptic. Behind the majestic Khan spun a giant gold coin with his face embossed on it, lighting up the crowd on the massive LED screen that covered the entire Red Rocks stage  hiding Floss’s set from sight. Valentino Khan made sure to include fan favorites from JackÜ, Zomboy, and more, seeming to prefer the heavier side of electronic music as the crowd prepared for the insanity that was Snails. VK closed with his hit “Deep Down Low” bringing his awesome and energetic set to an end.

The final opening act, if you could call him that, was Coachella bound Snails who seriously tore up Red Rocks with not only brand new visuals but also some unreleased tracks that prove he’s got plenty more self-titled “vomitstep” coming soon. The Canadian bass powerhouse, having been known for playing a extremely similar set show after show, changed up his routine entirely and alongside some of the best and most creative visuals I have ever seen, including a Space/Snails Invaders themed one, threw down a all new totally filthy mix. Snails was just as energetic as his music jumping, fist pumping, and dancing to his tracks hard enough you could see the entire booth shake, obviously truly passionate about his art. Overall I don’t really have much to say about his set other than it was energy filled and absolutely wild, just what the CO crowd wanted, oh and did I mention he brought out Dom Lalli, yeah that was cool. Check out this video of Snails dropping some new tunes:


A video posted by SNAILS (@snailmusic) on

Last to take the stage for the night, but certainly not the least, was the headliner of the whole show, Flosstradamus. Decked in head to toe military gear and rocking their trade mark warning sign bullet proof vest the duo unveiled their military based themed multi-level stage complete with radio tower, spotlights, and a ton of lasers. One of the coolest parts of their set was, as many artists are starting to do, using the rock walls of the venue as a canvas and laser mapping visuals like spinning warning signs and bombs dropping on the faces of the famous rocks. The Chi-town natives took their signature mixture of trap and bass music and added in several of the current chart toppers but while playing a pretty good set where held back by the sound ordinances of Red Rocks. Floss’s set seemed much quieter than that of Snails who performed just moments before, which took away from the performance. That’s not to say their show was anything short of awesome as they shown what appeared to be real military spotlights on the crowd and shot t-shirts out of a mounted launcher. The two’s military style translated well into the show and their love of a certain leaf was more than obvious as they played some popular Bob Marley tracks as well as their hits “Lighters Up” and “Roll Up (Baauer Remix”. The crowd went crazy all four times they dropped what is arguably their biggest track “Mosh Pit”, the song they both open and closed their set with. The audience seemed more than energized by the music and set and partied late into the Wednesday night. Flosstradamus may have found a permanent home for their HDYFest as they took Red Rocks to another level and performed an awesome, though slightly restrained, show for the Colorado crowd.Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.25.51 PM

HDYFest not only proved to be an amazing night of music but an absolutely perfect way of celebrating the 20th day of April in Colorado. We hope to see Floss return in future years with an equally stacked lineup and we can’t wait to see what insane stage they bring next time.

*Photos from artists instagram thanks to Apis