Goldroom & Autograf Bring the Live Set to Colorado

by E.P Pirt, Jr.

In just three weeks, two of our longtime favorites will be co-headlining Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. As if that’s not exciting enough, Goldroom & Autograf won’t only be sharing the stage, they will be performing live sets. Yes, live, as in actual instruments.

One of the trends in dance music over the last few years has been a shift towards more live instrumentation and artists incorporating live elements into their sets. As a result, sounds have become more versatile and original, artists have set themselves apart, and shows have become more exciting and entertaining. People who once called DJs button pushers and who refused to recognize dance music as real music have all but been shut up or at least forced to come up with more thought-provoking criticisms.

Some of today’s most cutting edge dance music will be on display at Cervantes on October 21st when these two acts come to town. Josh Legg, aka Goldroom, has been around for a while now. While he’s only been playing under the moniker Goldroom for about five years, his days of producing and live performances go back to 2007, when he was part of the live synthpop band NightWaves. In 2011 he started producing and DJing under his current name, putting out a few tracks including the infectiously melodic remix of Niki & The Dove’s Mother Protect.

Goldroom performing live at CRSSD Festival

He hasn’t looked back since that remix threw him into the limelight, consistently cranking out great remixes and originals like Fifteen, Sweetness Alive, Only You Can Show Me, Embrace, and Till Sunrise. Deciding it was time to take his music to the next level, he got the band together and began performing live almost two years ago. We were lucky enough to catch a live set at the first CRSSD Festival in San Diego in 2015 and can honestly say that his warm, vibrant nu disco sound translates exceptionally well live. He also just put out a new album, West to West, that you can check out here.

On the other side of the coin, Autograf has only been around for about three years but have already had tremendous success in that short time. Although they have a similar vibe to Goldroom, their style is an undoubtedly unique blend of disco, house, and chill. They’ve been a live electronic outfit from the get go, incorporating keys, drums, percussion machines, and production software into their shows. Hits like Metaphysical and remixes like Odesza’s All We Need and GRiZ’s For The Love have helped propel them to the top of the dance music ladder. Their recent Future Soup EP dove into some slightly different waters but has been well-received by fans and critics.

Whether you’re a longtime fan like us or you’re just looking for some good live music to check out, you’re sure to be in for a treat if you head over to Cervs on Friday, Oct. 21st. Two great dance music artists don’t normally co-headline smaller shows like this, and live sets are even more rare, so we highly recommend grabbing your tickets now.






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