GLO – A Trappers’ Neon Delight

by Shane Patterson

Illuminated hula-hoops, orbitals, wands, poi’s, pixelwhip’s, gloves, go-go dancers. . . and THOUSANDS of glow sticks. This past Saturday’s GLO – NEON WORLD at the Glitter Dome was truly a raver’s trap-delight and the epitome of a warehouse rave. Upon arrival, thousands upon thousands of glow sticks littered the floor, and by the peak of the night they were regarded almost as currency, as everyone was strapped with them and traded them like Pokémon cards. A continuous and constant stream of ravers coming and going, with all different kinds of fashion and attire, the night raged wildly as a beautiful array of people poured onto the large open warehouse floor.

The events’ hosts fell nowhere short of an amazing display, performances, or talent, and truly showcased what amazing artists Denver brings: T-MASS and LA RIOTS form California, FAR TOO LOUD from Brighton, YOOKiE from New York, HEATBEAT from Argentina, and even some home-grown locals such as DIRTY LITTLE THIEVESGLO NEON WORLD put on one of the most amazing events and displays ever seen, and hosted some of the greatest, most energetic, and lively DJs out there. Even when the Glitter Dome’s mic and sound system gave out a couple of times, it never hindered the groove of the dance floor or the intensity and passion of the DJs – the show kept going despite a couple hiccups, and each artist behind the set worked around the technical difficulty like true professionals.

Dirty Little Thieves

When speaking with Dirty Little Thieves last week before the show, they said many inspirational words, one of which rang through the night as the true passion from each artist was felt each hour. They said to give it your all, all the time. To always perform as if you were in front of a sold out show, because even if you catch the ear of one person, that’s one more fan your talent has earned. Dirty Little Thieves absolutely held up to their word and threw down like they were paying to the world, which set the stage for all that followed.

Each hour a new DJ took the reins and a new lighting set-up illuminated the warehouse. After talking to several people about the impressive light display, it was no doubt one of the most impressive set-ups ever seen. Six massive light towers surrounded either side of the booth with go-go dancers between them, and countless speakers were in the mix with large balloon jellyfish floating above everyone.

From beginning to end everyone gave it their all; amazing talent behind the booth and in front of it, on the dance floor, and and behind the sets. Every DJ brought their own personal taste each hour, and each hour never failed to please the ears, feet, and heart.

On a personal note, huge shout out to T-MASS for the Legend of Zelda and Blink182 mixes; you hit a nostalgic memory from years passed – props!

Check out some of the available artists on SoundCloud below: