*GIVEAWAY* Electronic Tuesdays Celebrates 5 Years of Bass

Sub.mission is one of the most respected names in proper dubstep and bass in Colorado and beyond. Over the years they’ve become THE brand that people associate dubstep with in Denver. For the last 5 years, the city’s most hardcore fans have converged on Cervantes’ Other Side every Tuesday for the area’s longest running week-night electronic weekly show. On February 2nd the event will be celebrating it’s 5th year, and to get a glimpse inside what it’s all about we sat down with Sub.mission CEO Nicole Cacciavillano. For a look under the hood of one of the scene’s biggest success stories, check out what she had to say about the last 5 years and more. When you’re done, enter our giveaway below for a chance to win two tickets to the event with Youngsta, Hatcha, Commodo, & more.

ELCO: How long after Sub.mission was formed did you start E-Tuesdays?

NC: Sub.mission started in 2006, first official show 2007.  We started Electronic Tuesdays in 2011.

ELCO: What was the inspiration behind E-Tuesdays?

NC: I wanted to see what the locals had to offer.  I was always getting hit up for support slots and offering a place for them to come and play live helped me see what they could do behind the decks.

ELCO: Today it seems like there is a different weekly party literally every night of the week in Denver. When you started E-Tuesdays surely there was less competition, yet you continue to win awards (including ELCO’s “Best Weekly Night” 😉 ) and bring the crowds. How do you consistently create a vibe year in and year out that people want to keep supporting?

NC: We love what we do.  When we started, there were no other weekday weeklies.  While we encourage a healthy local scene, we are the only ones bringing proper dubstep on a regular basis.  I think the difference between our nights is that Tuesdays became a family, from the crew to the staff to the patrons we are all there for the music.  We have kept a steady .mission thru out the years and in my opinion real just recognizes real.  Moving people thru sound not hype, its our passion.

ELCO: How has E-Tuesdays changed in 5 years?

NC: The biggest change is the ebb and flow of the attendees.  The scene in general has changed, up until last year we had a younger crowd between 21-25.  Now, we hardly get any under 21 year olds. Maybe 30-40 a Tuesday.

ELCO: What has been the most memorable E-Tuesday for you personally, or that you’re most proud of?

NC: The 5 year hands down will be the most memorable.  Even though it hasn’t happened, the line up is stacked with our favorite acts.

ELCO: Can we expect any special surprises for the 5 year anniversary party?

NC: Well, if I told you, it would no longer be a surprise eh?

ELCO: Who is your biggest musical inspiration and business inspiration?

NC: My biggest music inspiration is my friends, the producers and artists I have met throughout the 10 years who are STILL doing this for the LOVE.  This industry changes people, when they hit a certain level it becomes a job and when that happens the emotion is removed.  The real inspiration is the people who are able to keep their head and continue to push the sounds that they love.  As far as business goes, Id have to say the same.  I am constantly inspired by the promoters who book the shows they love because they care about the sound and culture.  Its very easy to throw shows bookings acts that will sell out a venue or copy what other companies have done in the past instead of paving their own way.  Im all about supporting people who pave their own way.

ELCO: When you’re not listening to electronic music, what are you listening to?

NC: I’m a huge Radiohead fan. I also love hip hop and experimental music.

ELCO: If you weren’t working in the music industry what would you be doing?

NC: I would be a teacher.  I taught for 10 years before giving that up to pursue the “dream”.  I miss it everyday.

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