Get Hooked on The Crystal Method!

The addicting beats of The Crystal Method are coming to Colorado this weekend for a TCMCover_300px-72dpi-FIN-300x298unique performance at Beta Nightclub! The California based electronica duo produce a variety of genres ranging from electro-pop to glitch hop in a very special way. Bringing their old school sound with a modern touch this versatile duo uses a a method of break downs and transitions in their song that let them take their music back and forth between styles. In their song “Over Ita leading lyrical chorus is dropped out and replaced by a synth lead bridge that acts as a “drop” for the song, and then picked back up soon after. Using these break down methods the group is able to surprise its listeners with a new and unique sound throughout the song, releasing them from being bound by a single genre in a single track. This track, who’s outrageous music video is linked below, is one of The Crystal Methods highlight tracks and will be a massive track that is sure to get the dance floor moving when played this weekend.

It is this diversity in sound that has allowed The Crystal Method to stay at the top of  game all these years and continue to produce hard hitting songs that connect them to their audience. Plus, with a newly released remix EP of their greatest hits with support from artists such as Ghastly, Kennedy Jones, Terravita, and many more The Crystal Method continues to show they are here to stay. Check out the EP below and get ready for an amazing night at Beta Nightclub. Tickets are available HERE but they will go fast with a group as famous headlining!