[GALLERY & REVIEW] Goldrush Struck Melodic Gold

Photo: Sage Thomas © Electronic Colorado

by John Miller and Brandon Lopez

The first annual Goldrush Music Festival brought to life the wild west at the Rawhide in Chandler, Arizona. With a full-on western town to adventure in complete with a candy shop, electric chair, rock climbing, gold panning and four stages this festival is one we are sure to attend again next year. The lineup showcased a wide range of talent including RL Grime, Marshmallow, Excision and Dillon Francis. This strong line up made it difficult at times to choose which stage to be present at and many times we found ourselves torn between two stages.

Our Friday started off by partying with two of the most amped up brothers in EDM, Hippie Sabotage. These two DJs mixed electro with hip-hop, peace with mosh pits, and crowd surfing with chaos. Hippie Sabotage never ceases to amaze us by the energy they bring to a show. They are rockstars in the truest sense of the word and really let their passion show in their performance at Goldrush. If you didn’t have a chance to check them out at Goldrush, we highly suggest you check them out at one of the three Colorado shows they have scheduled for February.

We had the honor of watching Rezz for our first time and were blown away by how polished her performance was. Rezz’s signature style encompasses a steady upbeat tempo accompanied by a hypnotic light show featuring exclusively red lighting. This gave the whole show a sense of uniformity and fluidity. The genre of music Rezz brought to life is hard to put your finger on. Others have suggested if it is best labeled electronic body music, psytrance or electronica, but we don’t think any of these correctly identify the genre. The distinctive elements of electro-industrial, heavy dubstep, trance and future house come together to form a new genre we would best identify as hypno-glitch. Rezz’s rise to become a headliner we believe is inevitable at this point and we look forward to catching her at the Rezz Rocks in 2018.

House is a staple at the Rawhide and always has a dedicated stage, Goldrush was no exception. In fact, Goldrush brought house music to a whole new level by bringing in Claude VonStroke and the Dirtybird crew to present the Birdhouse. With fan favorites Christian Martin, Walker & Royce and Shiba San, the stage had a steady audience the whole night. The vibes were bubbly, welcoming and easy to groove to.

Ghastly is an Arizona native who is no stranger to the Rawhide and always brings heavy wubs that give you the sensation that you are at a renegade in the middle of the desert.  His set had elements of bass house and dubstep mixed with electro that was easy to vibe out to. The highlight of his set was when he brought his parents up onto the stage for a family photo. You could tell that his parents mean the world to him and that they were enjoying the limelight as much as he does. He continued to encourage us to all shoot for our dreams and to make sure that the family is apart of that too!

Not having the pleasure of listening to Malaa live before, we were impressed by the intensity of his industrial house music. There is a depth to his music that takes over your entire body and gets you grooving in ways that are pure euphoria. The audience at his show was rather curious as you could see some of them were struggling with how to dance to house, but once people started to let loose the dance moves began to flow. Coming into the night we didn’t know who he was and were oblivious to the banging set about to unfold. Going forward we will definitely keep my eyes peeled for him on future lineups. If you are like us and were not aware of this artist, check out the track he produced with TCHAMI called Prophecy.

Written by John Miller and Brandon Lopez
Photos by Sage Thomas

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