[GALLERY] Pretty Lights Red Rocks 2017 – Night Two

by E.P Pirt, Jr.

Pretty Lights has long been one of my favorite producers and is a large reason why I got into electronic music in the first place. As a producer, the things he’s done for the scene in Colorado are unrivaled. That said, I can still objectively say that of the fifteen or so I’ve seen, not every live set has left me impressed. Some have been top notch, others….not so much. But I think night two of the most recent Red Rocks run will go down as one of the most memorable among fans, and for all the right reasons.

“I’ve never seen a PL set like this before.” I overheard those words, or something similar, at least three times throughout the night. Each time I would nod my head in agreement. It truly was unlike any previous ones, DJ or live, that I’ve witnessed. If you happened to catch the documentary film Re:Generation, back in 2012, you likely remember Derek (PL) dogging on jam bands, and really any sort of jamming for that matter. Which made this past Saturday’s show even more notable. While it was a far cry from your traditional crunchy, shoeless jam band, there sure as hell appeared to be some jamming taking place. I’m no fan of jam bands, but if they all sounded more like the PL live band, that would change for me very quickly.

Without getting too insulting, I’ll just say Saturday night’s performance was, at times, how I imagine a really good jam band would sound, except they were actually playing good music. Oh shit, that was insulting huh? Oh well. Anyways, Saturday night was one to remember and proved that Pretty Lights is far far more than just a button-pusher or an expert producer…it’s a movement, a sound, and a live band pushing the envelope and the definition of just what exactly that means.

Pretty Lights Red Rocks 2017 | All photos by Ryan Rietman © Electronic Colorado

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