[REVIEW + GALLERY] Excision at the 1stBank Center (Night 2)

Photo: Andre Rodriguez © Electronic Colorado

Official ELCO review and photo gallery from night 2 of Excision at the 1stBank Center – March 18th, 2017 in Broomfield, CO.  All photos taken by Andre Rodriguez. © Electronic Colorado

Written by Alan Hirtzel

After Excision’s tour in 2016, word got out about The Paradox and next time around he made sure to add a second show here in the Bass Capital. I was fortunate enough to witness it that time, and was absolutely blown away. Having seen him before, it was an even bigger step up from the infamous Executioner set up, and a massive one at that.

Needless to say, I was excited for his 2 night run at the First Bank Center. He was bringing the incredible energy of Funtcase going B2B with Cookie Monsta which any respectable basshead will know is legendary every time. Night 2 featured a starting set from Colorado locals Jantsen (friend and collaborator with Bassnectar) going b2b with Dirt Monkey. They threw down a solid opening set filled with some heavy hitters but also some more chill beats to warm the crowd up. Following them was Dion Timmer who has been on tour with Excision. He is an up and comer in the dubstep community and it goes to mention that he is only 17 years old. He played a blitzkrieg of bass music favorites including plenty of originals, exploding his enthusiasm and energy onto the crowd who certainly did not mind! Next up was Barely Alive, wearing his new signature helmet, who also threw down a set of fast dubstep filled with stabby and piercing drops. Following on his heels, the relentless bass continued with Apashe playing a varied set of electro and his own brand of dubstep.

The onslaught did not stop though, as up next was the dynamic duo of Funtcase and Cookie Monsta. Right off the bat they unleashed onto the crowd, drop after drop of nasty bass music. In the mayhem were some of Funtcase’s new releases on Circus Records with Trolley Snatcha, like ‘Warfare’, and some favorites like ‘Neckbreaker’ that will never get old. Of course Funtcase was on stage headbanging out like a madman, easily twice as hard as anyone in the audience.

Kill the Noise, one of the first artists I ever saw, was up next and did not disappoint. His unique sound was a welcome break from the relentless dubstep that made up the last 5 hours. I always thought of Jake Stanczak as a pioneer of electro and other styles of bass music, as his first EPs really pushed the boundaries of sound design and rhythm, and true to that reputation he played some of my favorites like his signature “Kill the Noise” anthem. Most exciting was he debuted an unreleased and never-before-played collaboration with Seven Lions which brilliantly fused both of their unique music styles.

When the first drop of bass gets played out from Excision, you cannot help but be in awe of the level of production brought forth from his crew and PK Sound. The Trinity rig is by far the loudest and most clear sound you will ever hear on such a scale. On top of this, The Paradox is just massive, spanning 40 feet across, with easily 50+ feet of angled lights and lasers above it and to either side. Combined, it absolutely filled 1stBank with light and sound.

I could hardly believe my eyes with the clarity of his animations and the level of detail that went into syncing each track in such creative ways. Even if you were not a fan of dubstep, you could not witness The Paradox and come away not thinking it is a marvel of engineering and production. There were moments when the center portion lifted up, hiding Jeff Abel, making the stage that much more three-dimensional and believable you were in the world of Excision. The animation of a dragon or some creature would take over front and center with C02 cannons blasting outward, creating the effect of a beast breathing fire…tell me one other artist with production like this. I’ll wait.

I said it the first go around and I’ll say it again, this is a MUST SEE for any fan of electronic music. But please, bring earplugs dammit, it’s ridiculously loud.