Full Moon Festival 2019 [Review]

Deep in the cowboy country twenty miles south from the Wyoming border, riddled with sage bushes and aspens, was something nobody would have ever expected in such a quiet and secluded area; a rave. The Full Moon Festival took place several hours from Denver in the town of Walden. Traveling to the town on the western slope brings you over a number of passes that take you to the peak of the range, some even to the Continental Divide. The drive is gorgeous and reflects the true beauty of Colorado, yet on the other side was a party that was not what you would expect from that area. There is a different atmosphere and gathering at such special events than those that attend the local club every weekend.

In a camp out in the woods you find high spirits and gleaming personalities that have no worries about anything, even how to get home because everyone is already home. That is just one reason why this secretive and somewhat underground scene is so enjoyable, because there are no worries about later, about anything really; we all just enjoy the now. Watches off, Phones powered down – time is irrelevant and all that matters is the music.

That feeling of true mindfulness and living in the moment is what the Full Moon Festival provided the weekend of July 12th. For over 72 hours all I heard was sweet, melodic, consistent beats that made it so easy to dance to or to sleep; a rare genre that kills two birds with one stone. There was music everywhere I went, and whether in the ungodly hot tent or outside being eaten alive by mosquitoes, the music was comforting and helped take my mind off the annoyances. Having seen many large scale productions as well as numerous smaller scale productions, the factions who held the Full Moon Festival, Rocky Mountain Resonance, FAZE 2 Solutions, Whomp Truck, and Mother Earth Sound System did quite an amazing job! They provided ample space (although the terrain was somewhat difficult) very well maintained porter-potties (which if anyone who has been to a festival can be grateful for), a beautiful stage and visual displays that changed colors as well as shapes, and most importantly – bad ass music.

I have been to very few festivals that literally had music playing 24/7. Even the large scale productions that everyone knows has an hour or two ‘intermissions’ in the early hours of the morning, but Full Moon Festival didn’t stop for one minute; not one minute and it was spectacular. Not only that, there wasn’t one moment all weekend where I didn’t enjoy what was playing. Sometimes at festivals different genres and artists play, which if you’re not into it could ruin your groove. Full Moon wasn’t like that however, as they played the same deep house techno all weekend long.

Sometimes it felt like a warehouse party with deep, bellowing creepy noises, other times it had a ‘club’ vibe, and other times you felt like you should be somewhere else other than outside in the open. It was a great and euphoric atmosphere.

I will say I enjoyed Dela Moon and DJ Brad Saturday night, they did make an impression on me. You can see the full artist lineup HERE, and it is worth checking out because there are a lot of talented artists who played. 

Even though we were in a seemingly open area to camp, they set up the campsites very intelligently – behind the speakers. We were close enough to hear the amazing music all the time within a reasonable level, and within a short walking distance we would be at the center stage. It was a perfect set up. All in all it was a great time with truly amazing music throughout and a memorable experience that I will remember. This event definitely deserves a spot on my ever-growing rave list I have building and will bring fond memories when I look back.

By: Shane Patterson


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