[FESTIVALS] Phoenix Lights Time Slots and Stages

With Phoenix lights fast approaching the time slots are released and boy if this shaping up to be a good time. Let’s take a moment to go over what makes the stages unique and brace ourselves for the incoming sightings.

Home to some of the biggest names in electronic music this stage is always high energy, keeping it fresh with new releases. It has the bass needed to do heavy hitters like excision justice, and the mesmerizing triangular visual display is gigantic. Armed with confetti cannons, laser beams, fire, and fireworks the Mothership brings an arsenal ready to entertain.

The Invasion stage brings a circular array of lights ready to track you in and abduct you. The talent here is always diverse featuring some of the most unique dubstep artists, DJs, and producers in the scene. This year this stage closes out both nights with b2b performances where you can look forward to DJs collaborating on the decks.

The Colony
This stage is legendary in the Arizona house music scene for being an intimate venue to get down with the wubs. With a series of blown-up tubes giving shape to the dance floor it’s easy to access any part of the crowd. The feels here are as real as they get and the bubbly, uplifting music is sure to cleanse your soul.


If you’ve partied in Phoenix, then you probably recognize these artists from the clubs throughout the valley since these artists call Arizona home. The production is a bit smaller on this stage, but the talent is immense with many new favorites found here. Be sure to check out these artists before they explode into the national scene.

By John Miller and Brandon Lopez

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