[REVIEW] Endless Sky in Every Direction

Just off the Wyoming border lies a land that is truly magnificent and magical. A land that is secluded from the busy, loud, obnoxious city bustle and void of any outside interference; a place entirely left alone by society and a place one can honestly call peaceful. It is a place that stretches endlessly in every direction until it kisses the sky on the horizon without the interruption or sight of a mountain, hill, house, tree or bush. In every direction, one can see only Endless Sky.

The beautiful private ranch (which is owned by a very generous and happy man who took pleasure in meeting everyone who was partying on his land) could have been on the Moon or Mars for all that mattered, that’s how wonderfully private and secluded the festival was. It was a beautiful piece of property that really made you feel. . . on another planet. No matter which direction you looked at, you couldn’t see anything except the endless sky.

On the beautiful property was a permanent stage that stood only twenty or so yards from a house, and adjacent to the stage towards the house was a boat which was where the bar tenders served. Above the stage were six beautiful color changing lanterns, and before the stage were several large and extremely comfortable chairs to lay in and relax in and enjoy the performances. There were also many wooden poles protruding from the ground which served as anchors for many hammocks to lay in.

Friday night ended somewhat early, but with the approaching 35 straight hours of amazing house music before me, I understood the reasoning; but the energy of the happy party-goers kept me up well into the early afternoon of 11am. It didn’t matter however, as the hot Wyoming heat kept me awake, which was followed by a rogue wind storm that uplifted my tent from its stakes and flapped about. I decided to cut my losses and join in the dance grooves once again.

Before I knew it the sun had set, me feet began to ache, and my ears were in the realm of euphoria when I saw the most bad-ass truck I’ve ever seen. I can only describe it as a ‘rave-truck’, as it had many triangular LED lights that altered patterns and colors on both sides of it and they stretched from the engine (this is a semi by the way) to the bed, and even above the vehicle. It was a marvelous piece of machinery that took an intelligent mind to create. And as it turned out, it was at the NYE 2015 Decadence party – which I was at! A dear friend of mine pointed it out after successfully recognizing it!

Saturday night came before I knew it and the sky was virtually crystal clear – so clear you could see the streak of the Milky Way. If you watched the night sky long enough you were bound to see a shooting star; I myself saw four that night. An omen of good things to come if ever there was one.

The night was full of mingling about, meeting new friends, dancing to the spectacular music, and losing yourself to the rhythm of the campout. As is the case with all Afterhours Anonymous / Mahesh Presents events, time seemed to be non-existent.

Until the sun rose.

I have never experienced such a beautiful sunrise in all my life. Aside from the endless sky and land that stretched in every direction imaginable, and the gorgeous sun reflecting its magnificent red, orange, yellow and every color in between in the clouds and illuminating the sky with beauty, Poland’s Catz n Dogz were playing their fantastic morning set. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful sunrise than what I experienced then – hearing Catz n Dogz before the vivid Wyoming sunrise. I knew what Nirvana was for a moment. The moment felt brief, but it felt endless at the same time.

Unfortunately, after having no real solid sleep since Thursday night my body and soul needed rest, and despite my best efforts to stay awake I was down for the count. I wish I could say I experienced the entire event, but starting a new job on Monday I felt it best to get some rest and recuperation.

I will never forget what my friends and I called the “Rave Ranch’ and the people we met, the music we heard, the displays we saw or the endless sky we witnessed.

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