Drum & Bass Returns to Denver with Noisia.

11760209_10155848668890319_1656408882857630262_nThe rhythmic beats of drum and bass will return to Beta Nightclub this Friday thanks to a very special set from the Dutch trio Noisia. Coming back for the first time since 2013 Noisia is a very special blend of sounds that make them different from the rest of the crowd. As seen in one their newest newest songs “Banshee” these artists use the known D&B style mixed with a special flair given by multiple breakdowns and changes in sound. The group has made this their signature sound allowing them to alter and control the path of their song, turning a simple track into a journey through rhythm and sound. The group has received support from well known producers and DJ’s  as well as recently decided to create a festival of their own called Noisia Invites Festival. This single day event was created by the trio in order to highlight the best of bass music and features the likes of Camo & Krooked, Cookie Monsta, Joker and many more! Their massive sound and insane style has reached so many through shows and tracks, all highlighted so well in their latest EP “Incessant” linked below.

Between the festivals, fandom, and fast paced sound Noisia is not a show to skip. Know for its vibrant culture of bass music Colorado is the perfect place for this hard hitting group to visit and we are really excited to see them take the stage this weekend.

Be sure to grab your tickets now as this massively popular group is sure to draw a crowd to Denver’s best party spot! Tickets can be purchased HERE and we hope to see you there..