Dixon and AA – Five Years Long and Strong


Five was the magic number on the night of April 30th. It was Afterhours Anonymous’ five year anniversary party at Cluster Studios as well as Dixon’s return to Denver, who graced the Mile High city with a five hour set. The anticipation and wait for Dixon was well worth it and lived up to the hype. Coming from another five hour set the day before at Further Future and within three hours of landing played Denver’s five hour set, Dixon’s passion and love for the industry and music was shown through his stalwart performance and dedication. Arguably one of the best parties thrown to date Dixon has held the standard high for five years, only being outdone by himself and proving to be Denver’s favorite German DJ.

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No doubt his passion and love for the industry shined that night as he himself was lost in a mystical trance until the early morning hours. Like a trip down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland Dixon and his amazing visual set took one on a journey, having five hours pass by as if it were one. Once you entered the dance floor it became difficult to leave as every attempt to do so became just another memory, a reminder to do later as you wait for the next anticipated drop and beat. A slave to the rhythm it was difficult to break away, for even a moment you feared you would miss an important part as if you were at the movies. And just like that the night is over and the morning upon you. Dixon truly told a story that night and gave AA an anniversary party to remember. Here’s to five more!