Dirtwire – Down to Earth

It took several minutes into our conversation until I realized the two guys I was talking to were Evan Fraser and Mark Reveley of Dirtwire. Their down to earth demeanor and modesty created easy friendly conversation, and we soon began talking of snowboarding and other Colorado favorites as if we had been friends before. Along with David Savatori from Beats Antique, Dirtwire is a soothing blend of world groove music with traditional instruments and a hint of electronics. Their relaxing and instrumental creativity gives one the feeling of being in a saloon in the old west, or at a performance at Cirque Du Soleil, or in a magical forest – such as Electric Forest. They make you smile and do a jig while you imagination runs wild with the emotions from the music, and the joy in remembrance of traditional instruments. After three straight days and nights of heavy beats and intense drops, the traditional instruments were a warm welcome and exactly what weary ears wanted to hear.

Just as cool and down to earth as their music, Evan, Mark, and David are fun to be around. While David was being interviewed by another writer, Mark, Evan, and I began chatting as if they were just festival-goers with GA wristbands. Talking to artists as if they were your neighbors and learning about them provides an opportunity to get to know them, a fact that was not lost to the Dirtwire members.

While talking with Mark and Evan, we discussed how interviewers with a set list of questions don’t listen or focus on what the artists say; when one question is answered, the interview just presses on to another, not allowing for the artist’s answer to grow into a conversation. When one listens and shows genuine interest, learning about the person and what they have to say and building questions from that, an interview becomes a fluid and easy-going conversation. Similarly, much can be said in the same way with music.

Mark gave a great example of how this practice of listening and going with the flow of the conversation can be used to describe a parallel in music; in a jam session, if someone is being selfish and hogging the mic, there won’t be a natural synchronization that’s needed in music. Just like in a conversation, one listens to the exchange of the music to keep it going. This example was shown perfectly in their set at Electric Forest as they kept the vibe together as they sent waves through The Hanger.

Their ease in discussing their methods and their admirable modesty towards their music reflect their passion and love for the industry. The realization that they’ve ‘made it’ only while performing at one of the nation’s largest music festivals shows that music is indeed their passion; no matter how many people or how large the venue, they put their heart and soul into every performance.

Check them perform at:

Colorado’s Arise Music Festival in Loveland, Colorado August 5-7th

and Beats Antique this weekend 7/1 at Red Rocks.