[GALLERY + REVIEW] Desert Dwellers & Kalya Scintilla at The Ogden

Photo: Steve Stoytchev © Electronic Colorado

By Shane Patterson

Playing at the Ogden TheaterDesert Dwellers brought back many wonderful memories of past music festivals because of their stellar live and psychedelic performance. The display and visual setup was impressive and one of the best I have seen at that venue, but their sweet booth was just a small part of the show. Two dancers occupied either side of the stage and performed impressive and tricky acrobatic stunts, most notably the Aerial silk and hoop, which lit up with different changing LED patterns.

And let us not forget the angelic voice of Meagan Chandler. It’s amazing what the powerful affect of a magnificent voice can have on you. At one point all of the music stopped and for a moment Meagan left the place speechless by her voice alone before an uproar of applaud and hollers echoed throughout.

The beauty and talents of Meagan and the acrobats were enough to keep ones amazement and focus all night, but with many other things going on in the theater it brought back the familiar, ‘Lets see everything!” sensation at festivals. For instance, the upper deck of the Ogden housed numerous artists who had set up their easel’s and worked on their artwork all night long. It was interesting to see the progression of each piece of art as the show went on, and how musical artists’ creations contribute to the magic painting the artists created.

The duo who make up Desert Dwellers, Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe have a long and impressive career producing and collaborating with many artists. The production they put on, even in a smaller venue like the Ogden, showed just how experienced and ‘down to a science’ their art is, and truly proved Desert Dwellers are the best downtempo and tribal-trance artists out there today.

All photos taken by Steve Stoytchev © Electronic Colorado