[REVIEW] Decadon Kicks it into High Gear with Latest Release, ‘Wonk N’ Roll’

by Sarah Sumler

In the crowded field of dubstep music, artists really need to be innovative to stand out. Prolific Denver producer Donnie Miller, better known as Decadon, is known for fusing hard-driving dubstep with a dash of good old fashioned rock n’ roll for a unique sound all his own. His most recent project is an EP release this month under the Impossible Records label, featuring two new tracks:  “Wonk N’ Roll” and “Lawless”.

Both tracks fuse these seemingly incongruent genres into hard-hitting, guitar-infused soundscapes with creative use of samples to set the tone. For instance, “Lawless” opens with a wacky sample of a preacher railing about about crazy kids and their rock n’roll music over a metallic, driving chirp that builds into a raucous guitar with a dash of crunk for good measure. The result is a track that revels in rebellion but is still solidly grounded.

“Wonk N’ Roll” has a similar feel, but the track is anchored by gritty sounds that extend and snap back like a sonic rubber band. In addition to a driving rhythm, the track is peppered with layers of heavy instrumental madness that still make room for unexpected lighter additions, like chimes. The result is a solid head-nodder that should appeal to fans of hard-hitting, glitchy dubstep. Overall, the EP showcases Decadon’s rough and tumble approach to making music that takes standard EDM conventions and gleefully smashes them with a heavy metal guitar. 

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