dBb: death By bacon? Yes Please!


dBb – death By bacon – Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 at Club Vinyl

dBb – or death By bacon…is that not every persons dream? With a name as such one can imagine the kind of hard Drum & Bass they throw down, having you wonder if their name really means Death by Bass. Tom Phil –E and Syntax are the creative minds behind Denver’s proud DJ duo, as well as the co-founders of Language Denver; one of the Mile High City’s leading night life organizations.

Hosted by The X-Tra and Stamina Emcee, Language Denver’s own co-founders, dBb brought the dance floor to life in the basement of Club Vinyl this past Saturday, arguably attracting more attention than the main floor itself.

Combining tech, funk, and bass the duo rocked the basement for ninety minutes of non-stop, hard and fast paced bass beats. Leaving no room to breathe, dBb is the epitome of D&B, constantly intensifying the beat after each energizing drop, having everybody on the dance floor and those chilling on the side unconsciously moving to the dance floor’s feet. Even those in line for another drink had their feet moving, and people socializing from one group to the next did so in dancing rhythm.

dBb knows how to keep the energy moving and the beats bumping for hours, and had it not been for a watch on my wrist I would have been lost to time. To add my own personal appreciation to dBb; I have never heard a more fluid and sound mixture of D&B and hip-hop to date. When I have heard this collaboration before it had been in ‘sections’; such as the D&B would throw down, and then some rapper would say a few words, and then back to the D&B. Not dBb – they incorporated the two styles so perfectly they hip-hopped to the beat of the bass and had me jumping with my hands in the air.