A Big (Grizmatik) Surprise: Gramatik Red Rocks Review

Last Friday, Gramatik returned for his third headlining show at Red Rocks and brought an amazing lineup with him. It included the Geek x Vrv, Sweater Beats, Hippie Sabotage, and Gramatik himself, with Andrew Block playing guitar alongside him. Gramatik also had a few surprises in store for us too!

As soon as I entered the venue, I was once again met with the awe of the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheatre and although the music did not begin until an hour later, talking with the fellow Gramatik fans was enough to keep me upbeat and excited. Once The Geek x Vrv arrived on stage, we were ready to get groovy. The group from France laid a perfect environment to start the night, playing not only their songs but those of GRiZ’s, Flume’s, and other artists as well. It was a relaxed daytime set and set the mood for the night to come.

Sweater Beats was up next and he absolutely killed it. Although a bit timid and playful personality wise, he let music show his talent in live mixing. He played a perfect mix of future bass, trap, and house that had the Rocks rattling and the fans wanting more.

It was now time for Hippie Sabotage. Although their computer crashed twice, they kept the energy up throughout. The two brothers created a perfect transition from day to night, with their chill but hard hitting hip hop beats. Their set was comprised entirely of their own songs, except for Hard In The Paint, which they closed with, keeping us hype for the mayhem that would soon unravel. (Pictured member of Hippie Sabotage)

It was finally Gramatik’s turn to take the stage, and he entered with Eric Mendelson, the guitarist from Exmag, alongside him. Room 3327 boomed through the speakers and signaled the beginning of a two and a half hour set that would be one of the craziest times of my life. Throughout the night, he mixed together trap bangers, head banging dubstep, and beautiful soundscapes of his own and others. It was amazing the amount of unreleased music he played, and the mashups he made with Alexander Lewis’ Remix of Pay For What and HeRobust’s Skurt Reynolds were awesome.

When artists come to Red Rocks, they usually put on their most extravagant shows. Gramatik certainly followed the trend, bringing out one of the craziest productions I have ever witnessed. Teaming up with art collective Multipraktik, Denis showed off the visual aspect of his music like never before, using a huge stage setup and incredible lighting. Visuals ranged from industrial landscapes to beautiful, morphing colors and spooky stories. Gramatik also brought out ProbCause and Russ Liquid to make the night more interesting. ProbCause rapped over ProbMatik Monster Stomp and Satoshi Nakamoto while Russ Liquid accompanied Denis, playing the trumpet over many of Gramatik’s songs.

IMG_7882At about an hour and a half into his set, Gramatik played War of the Currents, then said goodbye to the crowd. This couldn’t be right, it was only 11 o’clock! Just as people became antsy, we glimpsed a drum kit being brought out, along with a few other people on stage. The lights turned on and we all yelled our hearts out with excitement. It was the fabled Big GrizMatik. Together, they showcased one of the greatest live electronic shows in the scene at the moment with a brass section comprised of Dominic Lalli and GRiZ on the sax and Russ Liquid on the trumpet, and Gramatik joining them on the keyboard and mixer, with Andrew Block on the guitar, and Jeremy Salken on the drums. They played a wondrous, organized set to close out the night, leaving fans with their jaws open.

Gramatik’s show at Red Rocks was simply unforgettable, one of the best live shows I have ever witnessed. The openers set a wonderful mood for the night and Gramatik played an unbelievable set. The Big GrizMatik surprise was enough to floor me. Thank you Gramatik for putting on an awe-inspiring show.

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