Beats4Tanner: A Remembrance and Movement

logo_TSF1This past month we were fortunate enough to witness something truly amazing at HARD Red Rocks. The family of Tanner Seebaum presented the trailer for the upcoming film “Beats4Tanner“, a documentary highlighting¬† an incredible boy’s journey in life and the electronic world.

IMG_2122Now for those of you who may have missed our previous coverage of this amazing person, Tanner at the age of two was diagnosed with brain cancer and told he would not live much longer, most likely not even long enough to see his third birthday. However, he did. He turned three, then four and onwards, battling cancer until he passed away at the early age of 16. During his fight with cancer this young soul became an inspiration to many as he found comfort and spirit in electronic music, specifically dubstep, and the community that surrounds it.

Tanner went on to learn how to DJ, thanks to the help of Walt White, an entrepreneur who, at the time, was in the early stages of founding the Global DJ Academy. Together they went on to develop his skills and create opportunities for Tanner to share his passion with those around him, even receiving bookings from Colorado venue Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and Hard Rock Las Vegas for a special Rehab Pool Party set during Electric Daisy Carnival.

The upcoming movie, to be premiered at The Las Vegas Film Festival next week records Tanner’s journey through life, as he fought his battle with cancer, found his passion for music, and finally was able to share it with others. With support from electronic mega artists such as Skrillex, Krewella, Datsik and many more, the impact this young man had on the electric world will not soon be forgotten. We hope you check out the trailer below and then head on over to the website of The Tanner Seabaum Foundation to learn more about how they are continuing to inspire others who are faced with great challenges.