Bass To The Face: Global Dub Proves Dubstep is Far From Dead + Doctor P Interview

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For the past few months there have been murmurs circulating through the music community tat with the new sound ordinances in full effect at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado bass heavy music would slowly begin to be evicted from the venue and events like Global Dub, Global Dance, Rowdytown and more would start finding new venues to host them. However earlier this month Global Dub Festival took over the famous venue with a lineup that in mo opinion is the best to ever take the stage and shattered those rumors completely.

The night started off with BassCrooks a local trap/bass duo who have been opening for some of the biggest show to hit Colorado over the past few years including Safe In Sound and Dead Rocks. The two started the night off with a set filled with well known bangers that really set the stage and atmosphere for the rest of the night, immediately showing the Denver crowd that there would be plenty of hard pounding bass through the acts to follow.

GhastlyNext to take the stage, for his first but definitely not last time, was Ghastly the young producer/DJ who has climbed to the top of the electronic charts and is taking festival season by storm. This young artist threw down one of the less heavy but still fantastic sets, combining his fun and energetic sound with some of the best visuals I have ever seen. Spinning of of his name the LED boards light up with the ghost type Pokemon Ghastly as well as several custom scenes from the popular video game. The young gun proved his stardom is no fluke as his set was the perfect combination of fast paced beats and hard hitting tracks.
The true highlight of the night in my opinion was the following set, a true takeover by Circus Records as three of their all star members, CookieMonsta, Funtcase, and Doctor P took the stage for a truly legendary back to back to back performance.
To start off summarizing this set I have to say first, no one in the history of Red Rocks has danced harder than Funtcase and he was DJing at the same time. This set took all of the heaviest tracks out of the Circus Records vault and threw them at the crowd along side some of fellow Circus member Flux Pavilion’s most famous songs. It was truly an amazing set to witness and the Circus crew is taking this B2B2B to several other cities so be sure to check it out if you get a chance.Circus Records

We were also lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with Doctor P backstage after the set and this is what he had to say.

Electronic Colorado: “One of the things I wanted to ask you about is what your thoughts on the statement that was thrown around for a while that dubstep is dead are? Because obviously with events like this proves that far from true but did you ever experience like a dip…”

Doctor P: Yeah I mean I never really experienced a dip, Ive been playing shows like this constantly the whole time and there hasn’t been a dip really…..the shows haven’t gone up and down, its been just like this the whole time. So like everytime someone says its dead I’m like did you just see that. I mean seriously I just got off the stage playing for 5 to 10 thousand people at one of the best venues in the world and I’m just like what do you mean it’s dead”

Electronic Colorado: And with you this has been going on for a while, in my opinion you are one of the most influential artists to really get electronic music and specifically bass music to what it is today. How do you see the growth continuing for the music”

Doctor P: “Yeah I mean this has been going on for a while and it’s kinda a legacy thing isn’t it. Like it doesn’t matter what happens to the scene or what happens to me, there will always be the music and people who like the music. However cool the music is, whatever is on the radio it doesn’t matter, there will always be the fan base. As long as the producers are still making good shit people will listen to it”

Electronic Colorado: “With that we notice that Circus Records has really be creating a foundation with a family like mentality towards the artists and the music. How have you and Flux Pavilion focused on creating this label the way you want it?”

Doctor P: “Well first off is it was always about the music. We never cared about keeping up with the industry or fads, we just do our own thing. If people like our tracks thats great, if they don’t then they don’t have to come to us. Then you look at the guys I brought here with me and they are kinda legendary in a way. Like with Funtcase people just love what he does.”

Electronic Colorado: “For sure, like watching your set I have never seen anyone go harder on the stage than him”

Doctor P:Exactly we just do what we do and we love it. That’s pretty much it”Funtcase

During the interview and time backstage with Doctor P we unfortunately missed a majority of Slander and Bro Safari’s sets however what we can gather from the crowd’s reaction after was that the Colorado scene can’t wait for these two to head back to Denver for another round. We emerged from the behind scenes of Red Rocks just as Datsik hustled by and took his place on stage.

Now to say that Datsik is loved in Colorado, a place known as the Bass Capital of The World, is a massive understatement. The iconic Canadian DJ was more than welcomed to the Red Rocks stage by a sold out crowd screaming and roaring as he flooded the stage with smoke and within moments had a laser show going that would give Savoy a run for their money. He played everything from unreleased tracks, to hits like Swagga and Nuke ‘Em plus some old school stuff from the mid 2000’s. I’ve been lucky enough to see the talented artist perform a number of times but haven’t seen him put this much effort and devotion into a set before. His Global Dub performance was truly a step above all the rest and really highlighted why this bass superstar deserved his spot headlining the entire show. Now back to that sound ordnance we mentioned at the beginning, well bass heads can relax as there was no noticeable dip in sound and Datsik blasted bass late into the night. (Thanks to EDMAssasin for the awesome Datsik picture)IMG_4465-1024x683

Global Dub brought the best of the bass scene to Colorado’s famed Red Rocks Amphitheater again this year and showed the Denver crowd that bass is here to stay at the legendary venue. We honestly can’t wait to see what they bring next year and are excited to see what the future has instore for bass music at Red Rocks.