[REVIEW + GALLERY] Another Successful Chapter for Big G’s Rowdytown

Photo: Ryan Rietman / MacEachern Photography © Electronic Colorado

by Steve Stoytchev

Another year, another sold out weekend with Big Gigantic at Red Rocks for Rowdytown VI. With cold weather the weeks prior, there was concern that rain or cold may scare concertgoers. However, this turned out to be a non-issue as the temps stayed in the 50s with no rain either night. Fans filled the scenic amphitheater to the brim and the dancing crowd kept everyone warm.

Pell opened the Friday show and was followed by an amazing performance by Slushii. We only caught the very end of Slushii’s performance, though we wish Slushii and Keys N Krates’ time slots were swapped. While we loved the 10 or so minutes of Slushii’s set, we can’t say the same about Keys N Krates. Being a well-known band, we expected a solid set. What we got instead were several sparkly diamonds in a sea of ordinary rocks. The set would hit a great beat for a few seconds that devolved into nothing over the next minute. The crowd agreed as the dancing had been reduced to nervous swaying in every direction.

Perhaps this was intentional to highlight Big Gigantic and perhaps it wasn’t. The thing is, Big Gigantic did not need any highlights, especially this year. Marking the sixth year since the duo started the Rowdytown series, Big Gigantic brought the biggest and baddest stage setup Red Rocks has ever seen. Three floors of screens stacked onto each other produced the equivalent of an IMAX screen on the stage. The fourth and final row of screens on the third floor was only a few feet from the top projectors at the venue. The whole setup was so large, the graphics and text could easily be seen and read even from the back rows of the amphitheater. Projector lights were embedded throughout and fired sequentially with the beats as the screen alternated between lyrics and graphics. Each floor of this colossal screen pyramid featured band members standing in front of the screens with Dom and Jeremy having highlighted spots on the third floor. The music matched the stage setup. Great sax solos and impressive drum beats combined to deliver a breathtaking 2 hour set. The Big Gigantic we all know and love was there and delivered an impressive tour de force in light and sound.



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