10 Artists to Listen to if You Love to Get Funky

by Sousheel Vunnam

Pretty Lights, GRiZ, Gramatik, The Floozies, and Big Gigantic have all made names for themselves in the electronic music world. If you love these grandmasters of groove, the next few artists will serve you some excellent, funky tunes.

SoDown– SoDown’s music varies widely from dubstep to house to future bass, but is always rooted in groovy production and saxy beats. Coming from the bass-loving Boulder, CO, he is not an artist to miss.

Marshall McGee – Only 20 years old, this youngster has some of the funkiest stuff you’ll come across. Endorsed by Gramatik, Marshall takes inspiration from all genres to formulate interesting melodies and also plays the guitar and bass on all of his songs. Marshall McGee is one producer you should keep your eyes on.


Vibe Street – Vibe Street calls his music Grass-Hop/Future-Folk, combining electro and glitch hop with bluegrass and blues style tunes to create original, funky music. Listen for yourself to get a taste of these game-changing beats.



Artifakts – Combining amazing sampling, funky synths, and hip hop beats, Artifakts creates alluring pieces that will entice the mind. It’d be a crime not to listen to this up-and-coming producer.



Brasstracks – Recently touring with Gramatik on his Epigram tour and also working with artists such as Lido and Grandtheft, Brasstracks have been rising up in the musical world. The group consists of Ivan Jackson, who plays the trumpet, and Conor Rayne, the drummer. Make sure to listen to their label, the Candid Music Group, as well.


Marvel Years – A producer that has support from Pretty Lights, Gramatik, GRiZ, and The Floozies, Marvel Years has made a name for himself in the business of funk. He calls his music “Electro Soul Hip-Hop” and mixes samples with wide synths and drum beats that one would expect to hear in the West Coast. He also plays guitar in the Manic Focus Live Band. Here’s one of his most popular songs:


Caravan Palace – A leader in the Electro Swing movement, Caravan Palace is a french band with tunes that’ll make you want to jump up and dance. They aim at combining the past with the future to create fun music that epitomizes glee and blitheness. You can witness their world famous live show at the Ogden on June 15th.


Late Night Radio – Late Night Radio is from Denver and obviously takes inspiration from the city, formulating hip hop beats rooted in soul and funk. He has opened for Bassnectar and will play with Thievery Corporation at Red Rocks on May 13th.

Russ Liquid – Russ Liquid is a talented multi instrumentalist, playing the trumpet and the flute. He is part of Gramatik’s Lowtemp label and has also worked with GRiZ and The Floozies. His live band, the Russ Liquid Test, is a revolutionary electronic band that is leading the live electro movement with the PL Analog Band and The Opiuo Band.

Orijanus – If you like Pretty lIghts, I’m sure you will applau Orijanus. The producer is another admirer of old samples and combining and transforming them to create new sounds. He is part of the Soulection label and is sure to get your head bobbing.

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