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As part of our coverage for the ten year anniversary of Sonic Bloom, we will be featuring a few different artists that will be performing, leading up to the event. Our fifth and final spotlight is on a certain someone with a certain “midwest-swing”. Originally from Fillmore, IL, and now residing in St. Louis, MO, Troy Probst, aka Filibusta, is holdin’ down the electro funk and bass music game in the midwest.

Fresh off of his latest release, ‘Set Lasers To Funk, Vol. 1‘, Filibusta is ready to send the Sonic Bloom crowd into a dancing frenzy when he takes the Bloom stage on Friday, from 4:15-5:15 pm. He’s been compared to noteworthy artists like Gramatik, Archnemesis, Robotic Pirate Monkey, and Satoru, and has shared the stage with major acts that include Skrillex, The Glitch Mob, EOTO, Break Science, Michal Menert, Manic Focus, and many more.

Filibusta’s live sets have also gained notoriety, as he’s more than capable of switching it up between old school hip hop, soulful electro funk, and modern glitchy bass and trap music. They’ve earned him the honor of playing various prestigious festivals including Electric Forest, Wakarusa, Summercamp, and Lightning In A Bottle. Definitely not a set you’ll want to miss at this year’s Sonic Bloom.

ELCO: What can we expect out of Filibusta in the latter part of year 2015?

Filibusta: Headline tour in the Midwest, or supporting tour everywhere else! I also plan on releasing Set Lasers To Funk Vol. 2 late Summer/early Fall, and Vol. 3 at the end of the year or beginning of 2016!

With your signature blend of funk, glitch, trap and upbeat bass music, is Filibusta out to make waves in the electronic scene and show that genres shouldn’t define an artist?

Thats the general idea. As a producer, I should be able to create any type of music I want. Over the years I’ve taken what I’ve learned from producing different styles and mixed them all up in a pot to create my own special brew. No one has the recipe but me, and in my own personal opinion its just getting better with time!

Drawing from your use of an array of genres in your music, if you could pick one dj, singer, rapper, or band who has been the biggest inspiration to your music who would it be?

It’s hard to pick one, but currently the band Lettuce has been a major influence of mine. I’m basically trying to take what they do and bridge the gap between EDM and your traditional band’s music. As of right now, I feel like the 2 crowds have a rivalry at shows and festivals, and I want to be the one who brings them together.

Your latest EP Set Lasers to Funk Vol 1 is massively different from the What’s Trappenin’ EP. Where is the inspiration for this latest EP from, and is the addition of this new style to the Filibusta arsenal going to be incorporated into upcoming remixes and albums?

What’s Trappenin’ was just something I was trying out. I originally started making dubstep & glitch hop, which you can hear in my debut album “Honeycomb Eyes.” While I wasn’t big on producing trap, I did enjoy making the What’s Trappenin’ EP. My goal was to show listeners that I can do it all. I figured if they enjoyed it, they’d be more likely to check out my other tracks, as well as be on the look out for new releases.

With being on lineups such as Firefly, Electric Zoo, and Sonic Bloom how has the past year helped your music and performances grow?

A lot has happened for me in just this past year. In fact, I believe it was around February 2014 when I was at a crossroads of whether or not I was going to continue down this path, or join the real world and work a 9-5. Quit has never been in my vocabulary, so I just stuck with it and kept doing what I’ve been doing. Since then, its definitely paid off. Between playing major festivals and national/international tours, I’ve been very busy. Traveling the world has been eye-opening and very motivating for me. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had, but what you put in is what you’re going to get out, and the more shows/festivals I play, the bigger the crowds get. I’m truly blessed to have this opportunity, and all the support so many people have shown me along the way.

Who are you most excited to see at this year’s Sonic Bloom?

All the people in the crowd at my set! 😉 But for real, I’ve been a huge fan of Emancipator since the album “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough.” I still listen to that daily! Also, every year the Sonic Bloom Orchestra has been fun to watch. Just so much talent on one stage that you have no idea what you’re about to hear. Other than that, there’s a lot of homies on the lineup that it’ll be fun to kick it with. I’ll see you in the Rocky Mountains!


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