[REVIEW] Project: Warehouse feat. Chris Liebing

[REVIEW] Project: Warehouse feat. Chris Liebing


In Denver’s Globeville near the interstate where the marijuana is pungent, stands a normal enough warehouse tucked away at the end of the road with a large old sign that is missing letters through age. Yet, late last Saturday and early Sunday the warehouse held hundreds of people as they danced until the early morning. A true warehouse fashion with exposed rafters, visible pipes, ducts and vast open areas, the setting was perfect for a deep techno rave.

Twelve lights stretched the length of the dance floor from the DJ’s booth to the sound booth at the back which displayed green, blue, red, purple, orange lights and lasers. Behind the DJ was a massive LED screen that displayed crazy, trippy, and psychedelic images, one of which was of a large iron gate with flames behind it. Like the gates of hell behind him, Chris Liebing’s beats became darker and creepier as the night darkened, and as the fog grew heavier the ambiance grew with it. The fog by the way was perfectly executed as there was not just one or two spots that puffed heavily in one area, but rather distributed evenly throughout the whole dance floor that increased slowly with the night.


When two AM rolled around the floor was packed to the back with dancers and good vibes as Chris Liebing continued to keep the movement going.  The ambiance and atmosphere from the world-renowned DJ suited his set well as the vibrations and energy from his music were eerie, dark, deep, creepy and mesmerizing; appropriate for the setting and the time of night. Time faded away as the feet moved and an occasional trip to the couches was in order to rest the weary legs and meet some new friends.

Time blurred as the morning sun rose and the night became history. The crowd that came was impressively large as well as diverse; I saw a wide range of age which pleased me to see, as well as the different types of ravers; those with toys, those with flashy designs, others with subtle clothes and some you would expect as an average Joe.

Mahesh is Denver’s newest late night, warehouse, underground, house and techno production company to grace the Mile High City. A true European party brought to Denver recalled fond memories of being in Germany myself. The lights, sounds, fog, atmosphere and crowd were all reminiscent of European parties. Stay tuned as next month Charlotte De Witte visits Denver at what is sure to be another raging party.


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