[REVIEW] The Inaugural Lost Lake Music Festival Made a Splash in Phoenix

The first annual Lost Lake Festival was a smashing success with over 45,000 people attending. This festival, hosted by SuperFly, took place at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix, Arizona. With the light rail operating just outside of the park, it was convenient to travel from the Phoenix metro area. The lineup of musical artists was diverse and featured talent from all genres. The Killers, Chance the Rapper and Odesza headlined the festival and were supported by Snakehips, Dreamcar, Lil Yachty, and Ludacris amongst others.

Photo by Quinsey Sablan

One artist who really surprised us with his DJ set was Lil Jon. Having previously worked with artists E-40, Ice Cube (whose beard you should read all about here), Miley Cyrus, Machine Gun Kelly and Britney Spears he is a stranger to few genres. Lil Jon showed his control over the soundscape by mixing the electronic experience with classic club bangers. Another artist who stood out was Big Gigantic, with their funkadelic remixes and heavy vibrations. Playing through the sunset he got the funk down, leaving the crowd energized with groovy wubs.

With Odesza’s new album release just days before the festival, expectations were raised high for their performance. With a full-on drum line, fire, and a cocktail of new visuals, Odesza proceeded to blow our expectations away. This performance had it all, integrating the classic Odesza percussion and keyboard sounds tones with all new vocals. The result was a breathtaking performance. Lost Lake was lucky to be one of the first few crowds to enjoy their new music.

Photo by Andrew Jorgensen

Major Lazer loosened up the crowd by bringing them low to the floor with “Get Low”. He continued the booty-centric party with fan favorite “Bubble Butt” which had the audience jiggling their tushies. Major Lazer brought life to this party with his original songs “Be Together”, and “Get Free” giving fans a whirlwind of movement and a night not to forget. The artists were the definitely the spotlight of this festival but Lost Lake put on a production that went greatly beyond the musical talent.

The entire festival was circled around the lake which was dotted with tons of amazing local shops, restaurants, and breweries. Walking along the lake you were met with a sea of rainbow palm trees and the sweet aroma of smoke, which drew you into the Lava Pit. The Lava Pit featured some of the finest BBQ Phoenix has to offer. It was hard to choose what to eat, as there were so many options beyond just BBQ. With noodle bowls, sushi burritos, cheesecake on a stick, fry bread and chicken and waffles, this festival had us salivating.

Photo by Bailey Goldstein

The Lost Playground took all your favorite childhoods games and super-sized them. The party sized twister, giant Jenga, colossal croquet and big ass billiards were all smashing successes that brought out the inner child in attendees. We personally had a blast playing and the games were a great opportunity to meet new friends. Best of all, everything was lit up with LED lights. The party was only just getting started at sunset.

Photo by Quinsey Sablan

Speaking of LED Lights, Walter Productions brought some epic lit up art cars. You might recognize them from Burning Man where they always bring Walter the Bus, a two-to-one-scale replica of a classic VW bus.  Walter Productions also brought Walter the Bus’s little brother Big Red which is a massive version of a VW Bug. Rounding out the art car collection was Heathen a horned fire truck that shoots massive jets of fire well into the night sky. That wasn’t it for the fire, once the night fell there was hourly fire shows on the lake. A jet of fire shot thirty or more feet up into the air in sync with the music, leaving us mesmerized.

Photo by Austin Berens

Written By Brandon Lopez and John Miller

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