[PREVIEW] Decadence NYE 2017: As Decadent as Ever

Decadence is an event anticipated year-round. After the summer festivals trickle away and the fall shows come to a close, it is exciting to bring together some of electronic music’s top-artists for the final nights of the year. As numerous headlining artists come to The Colorado Convention Center, it’s best to plan ahead and map out your top artists to make the most of the night.

Below are the top four artists we are looking forward to dancing with each night. Four is a good number so that you do not become overwhelmed trying to bounce from place to place, weaving between through the crowd and becoming irritated when someone spills their beer all over your brand new cashmere rave sweater. Keep your list small so you can enjoy yourself and not stress. Go with the flow baby. Sometimes the best sets are the ones you never intended to see.

Saturday, December 30th

Justice & Bassnectar Very few artists in electronic music are able to pull a crowd like Bassnectar. The demi-god of bass music and his loyal disciples travel the country, hungrily pursing his filthy bass lines and awe-inspiring performances. While some see their first Bassnectar set and remain unimpressed, others praise him for the mind bending and diverse performances he consistently delivers. I take it Decadence will be no different. With the recent release of Reflective Pt. 2, I am excited to hear many of his newest songs through proper speakers. Lorin graces the Colorado stage on Saturday and heads to Atlanta on Sunday for his Bassnectar NYE show. Expect to see bass heads out in full force for this one. GramatikFor a unique blend of hip-hop, funk, soul, and bass, Gramatik is a one stop shop. The Lowtemp labelhead is no stranger to Colorado, playing sets at the states most popular venues, from Red Rocks to Decadence NYE. His last full length project, Epigram, was a staple of 2016 and his most recent EP, Re:Coil Pt. 1, is proving to be the same. Collaborations with GRiZ as GRiZMATIK and mega performances alongside both Big Gigantic and GRiZ as Big Grizmatik have magnified his allure even further. Gramatik is surely a force to be reckoned with and won’t fail to deliver an epic New Years set.Louis The ChildThis Chicago duo have spiraled upward to massive success over the last few years. Their music is a beautiful marriage between sounds that appeal to both the EDM superfan and newbie alike. Beautiful soundscapes…

Sunday, December 31st

Big Gigantic

Colorado-based favorite, Big Gigantic (Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken) have been one of the top artist duos since their inception in 2008. Their unique blend of EDM with live instruments makes every performance Big Gigantic plays a once in a lifetime experience. Their Jazzy, hip-hoppy, funky style is complemented nicely by a jaw-dropping light show and (sometimes) a singing choir accompanies them to the stage, adding to an already unparalleled experience. Every year they perform at Colorado’s legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater, where they host a miniature festival known as RowdyTown. One of my first Red Rock experiences was Rowdytown IV, and I have gone on to see Big Gigantic at Electric Forest as well as previous Decadences. Every time Dominic and Jeremy give the performance all of their love and energy.

Bass Physics

Another Colorado-based favorite, Bass Physics, (Arja Adair) utilizes live instruments like Big Gigantic. Incorporating live instruments such as guitar and keys creates a much more personal and energetic experience. By bringing positive vibes and energy through his melodic beats and instruments on stage, Bass Physics has earned his way onto stages legendary festivals and venues, including Red Rocks, Electric Forest and of course, Decadence.

Porter Robinson

A stellar debut studio album, Worlds, quickly shot Porter Robinson to the top charts with its gorgeous, dreamy and magical soundscapes. This success almost immediately brought him into the global festival circuit. Worlds brings a peaceful ambiance in an imaginative space that makes you tear up from its beauty. A truly talented and creative individual Porter Robinson has set the standard in a genre all his own.


German-based artist, Zedd has had a stellar career, reaching the top ten in several charts as well as winning a Grammy for his collaboration with Ariana Grande for ‘Clarity’. The son of two classically trained musicians, Zedd was a born musical prodigy and has become one of the leading figures in EDM. Within his 7 years in the scene, his list of collaborators is so long and impressive that Zedd is an artist you surely will want to watch.

This Decadence lineup is full of many more outstanding artists, so dive in for yourself. We only went into 8 acts out of a list of many. so imagine how immense and impressive this event will be. Time flies, and before we know it we will all be dancing into 2018. So do your research and choose your artists, but no matter who you end up seeing, you are bound to have a good time.

Prepare yourself for a wild New Year’s!

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