[LIST’N UP] The 20 Best EDM One Hit Wonders

Like every musical genre, dance music has its fair share of one hit wonders. Remember Zombie Nation or ATC? What about that crazy frog? Probably not, but that’s ok cause we’ve got all those and more for you to reminisce over below with our list of the 20 best EDM one hit wonders.

20. Vario Volinski – Falling In Love

Year: 2014

YouTube plays: 7.4m

SoundCloud plays: 325k

One of the least well-known song on our list, but it was still a big hit in 2014, a huge year for deep house. “I couldn’t help it – I had to see you again, can’t understand it – just wanna feel you again, I couldn’t help it, guess I’m fallin’ in love with youuuuu.” Remember now? Classic deep house lyrics. Vario’s next biggest hit? “Sky and Sand”, with a meager 51k plays. At least he has a cool name.

19. Dream – This Isn’t House

Year: 2012

YouTube plays: 1.2m

SoundCloud plays: 331k

Dream is THE definition of a one hit wonder. The dude literally has 49 SoundCloud followers. FORTY NINE!! That’s inane considering the amount of traction “This Isn’t House” got, thanks in part to Skrillex who somehow heard it, picked it up and released it on Owsla. This guy had the attention of the biggest EDM producer in the world and still couldn’t put out a second decent track. What a shame.

18. Kito & Reija Lee – Sweet Talk

Year: 2012

YouTube plays: 2.4m

SoundCloud plays: 1.85m

I actually like Kito & Reija Lee, the singer/producer duo from Australia. I think they have a pretty unique, chill sound. They had a few other smaller hits too, but “Sweet Talk” is by far their best known work. Unfortunately, their performance on Mad Decent Boat Party 2014 was pretty underwhelming, which might have something to do with why they fizzled out, despite being picked up by Mad Decent.

17. Luminox – I Run This

Year: 2013

YouTube plays: 968k

SoundCloud plays: 191k

Oh Luminox, why couldn’t you just keep putting out tracks like this?! It’s debatable whether “I Run This” is a true one hit wonder. Luminox had a few other popular songs when trap was blowing up, and “Bomba!”, a track he released in 2016, actually garnered almost 14 million YouTube plays. But it wasn’t nearly as good or iconic as “I Run This”, in my opinion. It just seemed forced and uninspired. Unlike “I Run This”, which was fresh, original, and just plain dirty.

16. Toyboy & Robin – Jaded

Year: 2013

YouTube plays: 870k

SoundCloud plays: 2.07m

“Jaded” is one of those upbeat deep house tracks that just makes you want to run around your house dancing in your underwear. It’s just happy. Toyboy & Robin’s next biggest track, “No More Sunshine” is actually pretty good but only has 302k YouTube plays, not even 50% of what “Jaded” has. They have a lot of potential, it’s too bad they haven’t been able to repeat the success of “Jaded”.

15. Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out

Year: 2013

YouTube plays: 929k

SoundCloud plays: 678k

You remember this one, right? The soulful sample of Kathy Brown’s track of the same name. It’s recognizable from those very first synth chords. If that doesn’t ring a bell, surely the buildup and epic drop will. It’s the perfect track to close out a deep house set and leave the crowd with smiles on their faces. Pretty cool music video, too. Too bad the dance community turned Russ Chimes out.

14. Format:B – Chunky

Year: 2016

YouTube plays: 17m

SoundCloud plays: 1.07m

You may not recognize the name of this track or the artist it’s by, but unless you started listening to dance music yesterday, there’s no way you haven’t heard the catchy-as-hell chorus. “Heap big fun til the break of dawn…”, something about shaking a tailfeather and a shotgun on the rooster. Yea, that one! I know Format:B has a lot of other solid tracks and remixes and they probably throw a hell of a show, but considering they’ve been active since 2005 and this is by far their biggest hit, I’d say it qualifies for this list.

13. Chris Isaak – Wicked Games (cover by Parra for Cuva, ft. Anna Naklab)

Year: 2015

YouTube plays: 19m

SoundCloud plays: 6.48m

It’s not as good as the Chris Isaak original, but damn if it’s not catchy. Anna Naklab’s dreamy vocals layered on top of the tropical drum beat were the perfect combination to rocket this track to deep house stardom in 2015. Just try to listen to it and not be whisked away to a warm beach with a cold drink in your hand and the sun on your face. Mmmmmm.

12. Luke Million – Arnold

Year: 2011

YouTube plays: 2.1m

SoundCloud plays: 44.7k

C’mon, more energy! This one is still guaranteed to get the party rockin…or at least laughin. Who doesn’t love Arnold Schwarzenneger? The music video of Arnold pumping iron that goes along with this track is also hilarious, and pretty impressive to be honest. Luke Million may not ever repeat the success of “Arnold”, but his Stranger Things remix is pretty damn good.

11. Phaeleh – Afterglow (ft. Soundmouse)

Year: 2010

YouTube plays: 4m

SoundCloud plays: 1.65m

If Buddha had a theme song, this would be it. Ultimate zen mode. Or comedown mode, if that’s what you’re into. Phaeleh has had relative success aside from “Afterglow”, but no track has been as recognizable as this one.

10. Crazy Frog – Axel F

Year: 2005

YouTube plays: 772m

SoundCloud plays: 920k

Yea, we didn’t know that was the name of this song either. Pretty weird story behind this one: the original “Axel F” was the theme song for the 1984 movie Beverly Hills Cop. The one with the synth pattern that everyone knows. Then in 2003, a Swedish actor/playwright created some computer animated character called Crazy Frog. Crazy Frog released a “techno” remix of “Axel F”, that went on to reach the #1 char position in Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, and most of Europe. The rest (and Crazy Frog) is history.

9. Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love

Year: 2013

YouTube plays: 406m

SoundCloud plays: 376k

“Stereo Love” wasn’t just a dance hit, it was a pop megahit. The original YouTube video with Vika Jigulina has racked up 319 million views, while the second version with Mia Martina on vocals has amassed 38 million of its own. Then, a year after the original, Ultra Music released an HQ version of the original that has totaled another 49 million. All in all, that’s over 400 million YouTube plays. Not bad, and a hell of a lot more than Maya’s second best effort, “This Is My Life”, which has 15 million and is pretty bad, truth be told. Side note – Jennifer Lopez must’ve been a pretty big fan of this track too, since she decided to essentially remake it with her hit single “On The Floor” in 2011. Yea, we see you J.Lo…Although, as that article points out, Maya actually lifted the accordion sample from this dude. Crazy stuff!

8. Duck Sauce – Barbara Streissand

Year: 2014

YouTube plays: 7.5m

SoundCloud plays: ?

You probably finally just got this song out of your head for the first time in four years until now. Sorry about that. I actually just learned that Duck Sauce is A-Trak and Armand Van Helden, which helps to explain how they got so many celebs to say “Barbara Streissand” in this song. Duck Sauce has also put out two other songs (“It’s You” and “Big Bad Wolf”) that have as many or more views than “Barbara Streissand”, but we all know they can’t compete with the OG.

7. ATC – All Around The World (la la la la la la la la)

Year: 2001

YouTube plays: 95m

SoundCloud plays: n/a

Forgot about this one didn’t ya? At least now you don’t have “Barbara Streissand” in your head any more. You’re welcome.

6. Breach – Jack

Year: 2013

YouTube plays: 11m

SoundCloud plays: 129k

It’s hard to believe this song is only four years old. Probably because “jacking” has been around a lot longer than that and everyone knows the words to this one. It’s even harder to believe that an artist could put out such an iconic track and most people can’t name a single other one by him.

5. Robert Miles – Children

Year: 1996

YouTube plays: 8.8m

SoundCloud plays: 29.4k

It’s kind of a shocker that “Children” has only 8.8 million YouTube plays, given how successful and iconic it ws in the late 90s. Literally one of the most globally recognized dance tunes of all time. This already somber and melancholy song is even more so now, with Miles’ passing earlier this year after a fight with cancer. But, at least he died in Ibiza.

4. Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400

Year: 1999

YouTube plays: 38m

SoundCloud plays: 17.8k

Yes, THAT’S who this song is by. This one is probably the most famous dance song (sample, realistically), that NOBODY knows the name of or who it’s by. It’s racked up 38 million YouTube plays, but if you include every time it’s ever been sampled or played at an sports game it would probably be over a billion.

3. Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone

Year: 1998

YouTube plays: 20m

SoundCloud plays: n/a

Tell me this doesn’t take you back to middle or high school and sock ya right in the feels. Pretty crazy how iconic this one is and yet it’s the only hit from DJ Jurgen, the producer behind the Dutch poptrance project. You think the dancer still has those moves?

2. Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

Year: 1989

YouTube plays: 109m

SoundCloud plays: 43.9k

The only reason this isn’t our #1 is because it’s almost more of a pop song than a dance song. You could also say it has a little bit of old school hip hop in there. I think it has my #1 vote for best music video though. Pump it.

1. Darude – Sandstorm

Year: 2001

YouTube plays: 84m

SoundCloud plays: 7.1m

Would dance music be what it is today without Darude’s “Sandstorm”? Probably not. My friends and I made fun of our high school soccer coach back in the early 2000s because it was the one track that he insisted be on our warm up mix. Looking back, he probably just liked to party. Pretty sick music video for this one, too.

Honorable Mentions

Example – Kickstarts (Bar9 remix)


Basshunter – Dota


Oiki – Groove

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