List’n Up: 5 Speakers to See at Sonic Bloom 2017

The musical line-up for Sonic Bloom is impressive and long, but there is much more to do than the music alone. There are many events, performances, yoga classes, food-trucks, art classes, merchandise, speakers, and much more to keep you entertained between (and during) the music. After reading through the impressive list of guest speakers, I decided to narrow down the 5 the sounded the most interesting and insightful. Not an easy task! Nonetheless, here are my top 5.

5. Chris Liaguno

I find Akashic Records quite fascinating and I imagine his lecture will help people open up their minds and understand the thoughtful meaning behind Akashic Records. It’s a reflection on the consciousness and the past, present, and future, and the shift into a higher level of consciousness. If you want to explore a deeper meaning of life, make sure to listen to Chris Liaguno. Read more about him here



4. Jonathan Zap

Having a Masters in English from NYU and a background in paranormal research was enough to catch my attention to see Jonathan Zap. With a passion for the English language and an interest in the paranormal, this lecture will no doubt be mind blowing. Check out his website here and more information here.


3. Marya Stark

An award winning classically trained musician, Marya Stark uses the power of voice for more than just entertainment, but as a spiritual tool. Read more here.





2. Dr. Michelle Shine

The ability and wisdom to connect science with spirituality is another fascination of mine, as both share strong importance in human nature and lives. Understanding the ways in which they are connected is not to miss, especially if you want to understand how they are related and work in sync. Read more here.



1. Jamie Janover

My personal favorite after hearing his lecture at Sonic Bloom 2016, Jamie Janover honestly opened my eyes by connecting math, ancient civilizations, metaphysics, and spirituality all together to make complete sense of life and being. Above all, I would highly recommend making time to see Jamie. Read more about him here.


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