[LIST’N UP + SPOILER ROOM] Our 8 Favorite EDM Artist Reactions to the End of Net Neutrality

Dillon Francis aka DJ Dillon

The big news in the political world last week that spilled over into everyday society, including the music scene, was the FCC overturning President Obama’s law that kept net neutrality in place. Most people, 83% to be exact, strongly support net neutrality. Some of the most vocal opposition to the new law has come from the EDM artist community. Here are our 8 favorite tweets from some of the biggest names in the game.


As smart and socially conscious as Bassnectar is, it seems like he’s going a little over the top by likening the end of net neutrality to our childrens’ doom….














Oh shit, here goes Derek again…



















Big Gigantic seems to be somewhat oblivious to the whole “internet thing”, but I’m sure they sent it big in Casper.


Electronic music’s sinister sweetheart pretty much nailed it. What is the point in putting out these negative vibes? Oh, right…money.
















Oh GRiZ. Just imagine what the world would be like if we were all as chill as Grant.





















You gotta give it to Diplo. He really is such a tastemaker…



















Don’t fuck with Dillon and his Snapchat.













Maybe if deadmau5 works his troll powers on the FCC hard enough they’ll reverse their decision.


















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