6/4/13 Electronic Colorado Track of the Week: Sweetness Alive (Pat Lok Dip and Drop Mix) by Goldroom feat. Say Lou Lou

6/4/13 Electronic Colorado Track of the Week:

Sweetness Alive (Pat Lok Dip and Drop Mix) by Goldroom feat. Say Lou Lou


This week’s TOTW is in spirit of TheHundred’s upcoming show at Norad this Friday, featuring Pat Lok. If you haven’t been to a Hundred party yet, do yourself a favor. Pat Lok fits right in with TheHundred’s deep house/disco house/indie dance/nu disco/whathaveyou feel good, very danceable vibes. Especially this time of year. This remix is an in-your-face, get-up, groovy dance tune of an already great track by Goldroom (another recent Hundred act).

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