5/30/13 Electronic Colorado Track of the Week: Doin’ It Right (Vinnie Maniscalco Bootleg) by Daft Punk

5/30/13 Electronic Colorado Track of the Week:

Doin’ It Right (Vinnie Maniscalco Bootleg) by Daft Punk


With all of the hype surrounding Daft Punk these days, we didn’t want to be too cliché and put up an original from Random Access Memories, so we put a glitchy, bassy Colorado twist on it. Vinnie Maniscalco is one of the hottest CO producers making a name for himself right now. Taking on a Daft Punk remix is no easy task, but we think he did a fine job and we hope that you will too. Be sure to catch Vinnie throwing down at any number of upcoming shows he’ll be playing in the area.

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