1/15/14 Colorado Natives Savoy Release 15 Track LP “Self Predator” For Free


Once again a Colorado EDM artist is making big ripples in the EDM community. Savoy may not be quite as big as fellow Coloradan acts Pretty Lights and Big Gigantic, but that could soon easily change. In keeping with Colorado tradition, the trio has just released yet another free album, and this one looks promising. Unlike many EDM artists these days, especially those that are largely house-influenced, Savoy has once again elected to release a full length album, as opposed to sporadic singles. Don’t get me wrong, there are PLENTY of good singles being released every day, but I’ve always been a fan of albums. Albums tell stories. Albums require patience. Albums require commitment to not only one song at a time, but 6…or 12…or in this case, 15. I’m still in the process of giving this album a few listens, as I feel most albums deserve such before you can truly judge them and give them an honest review. But so far I like what I’m hearing. Savoy has always been one of my favorite Colorado artists for their their courage to and ability to break the Colorado “electro-hip hop-soul” mold, and pave their own successful road using materials rooted in bass, dubstep, trap, and most identifiably, house. With EDM trending back towards house the way it is, look for Savoy to take full advantage. And who said Colorado is only known for bass?

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